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JavaEE and OSGI based platform Nuxeo 5.5 just released!

Seasons greetings everyone,

We just did a new major release of Nuxeo and it's called Nuxeo Platform 5.5 . This is platform gives you a content repository, a set of services and UI building blocks based on java standards to build your own content application.

You can download it right here:

You'll find the detailed release notes on the last blog from Thierry Delprat: leased.html .

Just a quick wrap up here:
* Plain-old WAR deployment through static archive
* EJB3 phased out!
* Native Relation Store (instead of Jena)
* New Task system based on document instead of jBPM
* Theme Engine Improvement: Bring It on CSS!
* Content Persistence Engine Improvements (VCS)
* Forms Engine: more Layouts and Widgets Features
* Full support of OpenJDK 6. Started the work on OpenJDK7
* And finally you can use the IDE with a stable production-ready release.

If you want to take a look at the new features, go to our 'what's new?' page: .
We hope you'll enjoy this new release as much as we enjoyed making it Smile
Happy Holidays from all the elves at Nuxeo Smile

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