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JavaEE Developer Survey Results From ZeroTurnaround

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ZeroTurnaround have published the latest version of their developer survey, from a total of 1027 participants. Here are some of the highlights from the resuts of the survey.

I always thought that by still using Ant, I was in the minority, with most people using Maven. While this is still true, according the survey, the difference isn't as much as I expected:

"Which IDE do you use" is one of the most popular polls across the developer community. Once again, we see Eclipse has the higher market share here:

 This shows an exaggerated version of our own poll that we ran at the beginning of the year, which showed Eclipse in the lead, with Netbeans second.

In terms of Java frameworks, Spring and Hibernate remain to be way ahead of the rest: 

So it seems that the core Java developer toolset remains the same: Eclipse as an IDE, Maven/Ant for building and Spring/Hibernate on the server side. Will it ever be possible to know these giants of the Java community off their top spot?


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