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JavaFX: I'm Starting To Believe

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It always takes some time for new technologies to prove themselves, and JavaFX is no different. It still gets more than it's fair share of bad press, but as more examples using JavaFX appear, I'm starting to believe that it has it's place for Java developers. I'm sure we'll see a lot more examples of what JavaFX can do at JavaONE this year. Here are some examples that caught my attention.

One of the main strengths of JavaFX is the type of user interfaces that are possible - and one of the most popular interface types of the moment is the image flow type, that Apple look. This image viewer looks great, and gets it's images from Flickr through web services. 


Of all the different mashups that you can create, location based ones along with Google Maps are the most popular. This example shows how this can work (I would really like to see the source code for this!).

Mashups become even more useful with JavaFX mobile. I really liked this application built on top of the Yahoo Shopping API. 



Moving away from mashup side of things, Rhythm Box is a fun drum simulator written in JavaFX. Maybe we'll see a version of something like Guitar Hero written in JavaFX soon?


It's not the mose diverse or complete list of examples, but it's a start. Are there any examples of JavaFX applications that you would like to share?

Don't forget that the JavaFX Coding Challenge is still open for entries, until May 29. 

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