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JavaFX Preview Released: When Will the Madness Stop?

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JavaFX Preview Released: When Will the Madness Stop?

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I with many have been a believer in Java on the client. I was excited to learn at JavaOne 07 about JavaFX, and even more excited by the great demos at JavaOne 08 dealing with Java 6u10 and JavaFX.

But then...

I am a Mac user. And as many of you Java Mac users know we have been very frustrated by the lack of understanding about the Java SDK path and now JavaFX on Mac. 

You see Apple, for what ever reason, chose to make Java 6 for Mac run only on their 64bit capable intel machines running Leopard. So basically anybody not using Intel Core 2 Duo and Leopard cannot run Java 6. 

Us mac Java guys were already very frustrated about this. But we were patient believing things would work out.

Now with the JavaFX preview release we learn that yes, JavaFX preview will only run on Java 6 capable macs. Has the concept of "Write Once Run Anywhere" been completely thrown out the window. 

As a Mac Java developer I expect to be able to write my Java apps on the Mac and have them run on Windows and Vs versa that was one of the HUGE benefits of the Java platform. Now I can't use Java6 features nor apparantly JavaFX because my intel mac is only Core Duo not Core 2 Duo. Besides I can't expect my customers of my products to have this type of latest and greates Mac hardware.  So basically the mac user base is up the creek with no paddle on JavaFX.

This is really a shame for Java on the client. At this Point MS Silverlight is actually more write once run anywhere then Java is. How can that be?

 Please Sun Help us out. 

1 of 2 things have to happen to work this out.

1. Apple needs to release Java 6 support on Tiger based machines PowerPC and original Intel so that we can have the widest possible user base.


2. Sun needs to make JavaFX capable of running on Java 5. 

Now option 1 has a really FAT chance of happening knowing Apple's past Java releases. Even if I hope for it, it really aint going to happen. Apple rarely worries about this type of backwards compatibility especially for something as unimportant to Apple's bottom line as Java.

So that leaves option 2.

Why can't Sun release JavaFX to run on Java 5, at least is a degrade gracefully approach. Its almost like we are getting a one-two punch from Apple and Sun, the problem is I don't know who is punching and who is just holding us down for the other one. 

I begged the Java client guys about this at JavaOne but apparently somebody at Sun feels differently. It's funny because most of them run MacBook Pros anyway, you would think this would be important to them.

When will the madness stop. :-(


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