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JavaFX Script is Dead!

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According to Adam Bien's Tweet stream, JavaFX Script the language is dead. Oracle is going to (once again) rewrite and redirect JavaFX into new direction. JavaFX Script is finished with and it will be replaced by pure Java API. He describes it as the replacement for AWT (interesting). You will be able to embed JavaFX code directly in HTML. You can get more detail at the JavaOne session scheduled for this afternoon.

AdamBien Tweet stream:

  • #javafx 2 preview will be available in Q1 2011
  • #javafx #glass is going to be the replacement of AWT.
  • #javafx will come with an embedded browser.
  • #javafx will be embeddable into ...Swing.
  • #javafx ...and it could be embedded (and manipulated) into / with HTML
  • #javafx compiler will be completely rewritten.
  • #javafx is going to be css 3 compliant.
  • #javafx ...and we are hiring.
  • #javaone #javafx will get clean java API: groovy, scala, jython are welcome

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