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java, Gets a Big Jolt

After years of serving as a critical resource for Java developers, has gotten a major facelift.  The site was taken down on 2/25/2011 for upgrades and is now back up with major changes to the infrastructure. New improvements to the site will include updated editorial pages, blogs, wikis, and a revamped forum. 

A brand new set of servers is now being used for the upgraded site. has migrated from CollabNet to the Kenai infrastructure and given more flexability to users by allowing them to pick and choose which features they implement.  Developers will also get a chance to use tools like Mercurial, Git, and JIRA on the new infrastructure.  By June 1st of this year, the original site-wide wiki will be taken down and divided into "project wikis."  These will be distributed to appropriate sections of the new site.

The look of the site has been revamped from the ground up for a more organized user experience:

According to an announcement made by staff, the final phase of the transition to a newer, better environment will include the addition of social networking features several months after the site's transition.  Oracle encourages users of the new site to report any bugs this week so that they can be fixed promptly.  The team spent this past weekend integrating their new servers with the site. Members of will be encouraged to come join the new site. 
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