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JavaOne 2009 Predictions

As I did last year, I've decided to make some predictions about this year's JavaOne.

  • JavaFX Designer: Apparently it wasn't ready last year, now they've put more effort on it (read Tor Norbye) and I guess it will be shown to this year Javaone.
  • Oracle: Oracle will come to main session to say how much they support Java and the developer community
  • JRockit and HotSpot: Merge between the 2 JVM
  • Project Kenia: Sun's successor to java.net
  • New releases: JavaEE 6, Glassfish v3 (preview), NetBeans 6.7, Java FX SDK 2.0 preview
  • App store: App store for mobile applications (Project Vector).
  • Java 7: Jigsaw, invoke dynamic, garbage collector G1, Swing app framework not included.
  • JavaFX: Sony/Ericsson releasing their first JavaFX phone, demo of JavaFX on TV.

Also what we won't see: No Java on iPhone or Java 6 update 10 on Mac OS X.

From http://www.jroller.com/agoubard

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