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JavaOne 2017 Day 1 Keynote: Notes and Thoughts

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JavaOne 2017 Day 1 Keynote: Notes and Thoughts

JavaOne 2017 is going on, so take a walk through this take on what the first day of keynotes was all about to the world of Java.

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to attend JavaOne 2017 this year, so I’m catching up this evening and watching the recording of the Day 1 Keynote here.

A few notes, key quotes, and thoughts (screenshots taken from the video):

Mark Cavage, Vice President of software development, Oracle:

  • The next decade: Java first, open, evolving, nimble, scalable
  • Java EE 8. “Is it nimble? Well no, EE7 shipped 4 years ago”
  • Java EE moving to the Eclipse Foundation. What does this mean? It means everything is moving to the Eclipse Foundation
  • David Blevins (Tomitribe), Ian Robinson (IBM) and Mark Little (Red Hat) take the stage to talk about moving EE to the Eclipse Foundation:
    Java 9:
    • From this point onwards, all features in Oracle JDK and OpenJDK will be the same, zero difference between them
    • Releases of Java will now be every 6 months.

    James Governor, RedMonk:

    • “Things have changed more in the Java ecosystem in the last 3 weeks than they have in the previous 13 years.”
    • Observations about the adoption of Java by web companies, most of which rejected Java initially in favor of Ruby and other cooler technologies, only to adopt Java later as they struggled to adapt and scale.

    Cloud, Niklas Gustavsson, Spotify:

    Java and Kubernetes Craig McLuckie, Heptio:
    Wercker, Java, and Kubernetes:

    • Build, deploy and operations support for Container based apps
    • Wercker.com

    Observability and Operations:

    • Java Flight Recorder: now open sourced
    • Container Native development, simpler
    • With microservices, you need to know not just when an issue occurred, but where? (which service, and where is it running)
    • Container Diagnostics Service: runs in production, low overhead

    Serverless: The Fn Project

    Eugene Petrenko, Jetbrains:

    (As a sidenote, is the first JavaOne keynote where the new tech demo was done with an IDE other than Netbeans? Unless I missed it, there was no mention of Netbeans in the keynote this year).

    Mark Reinhold:

    • New feature releases every 6 months
    • New features will be included only when they are ready (if they don’t make the next 6 month release then they’ll get moved to the next)
    • The next release is only 5 months away!

    Brian Goetz: Project Amber: Right-sizing Language Ceremony

    That’s a lot of changes and content, time to go check out those new features!

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