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JavaScript vs. PHP: What's the Difference?

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JavaScript vs. PHP: What's the Difference?

Both languages also come with scalability and flexibility. These are languages for the well-rounded programmer, but what is the real difference?

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JavaScript and PHP are two of the most common programming languages used today. PHP is based on the C language, so if you happen to have knowledge of C you’ll find PHP easy to learn. Both languages are relatively simple for novice programmers. Both languages also come with scalability and flexibility. These are languages for the well-rounded programmer, and if you create blogs or websites.

But what are the main differences between the two?

PHP Is Open Source

The main difference between the two is in who owns the language and who can make changes to it. PHP is completely open source, which means the Internet community owns it. This means that changes can be made per the needs of the community, rather than an individual developer.

This is beneficial for people using PHP as there’s plenty of support provided by ordinary users. Arguably, this makes it the more flexible and the more usable of the two languages.

The More Efficient Language

Programmers tend to side with PHP because it’s a more efficient language. JavaScript is known to have problems with things like shared hosting. PHP is the more fluidic of the two languages, therefore for many projects PHP comes with a clear advantage.

Don’t read too much into this, though. This doesn’t make JavaScript inefficient or clunky. It just means it can be more complex to use in specific areas. JavaScript nearly always has the advantage when it comes to use on dedicated servers. As you can see, it largely depends on the preference of the programmer in question.

Larger Web Applications

Both languages can be used in the development of larger web applications and projects like online business phone service. However, this is where JavaScript has the clear advantage. As already mentioned, dedicated server hosting works best with JavaScript, and this is how most larger web applications are developed.

Programmers will find JavaScript to be superior when it comes to managing projects with a larger scope.

What’s the Industry Standard?

Freelance developers working with smaller businesses often use PHP. But if they want to find work with bigger companies and more traditional companies they’ll find that many systems and projects are developed using JavaScript. PHP is the younger language, therefore it’s only natural that many businesses use JavaScript almost exclusively to make it easier for their internal IT departments to manage.

The industry standard is JavaScript, so a working knowledge of it will enable developers to pick up work they wouldn’t otherwise get.

You should also know that JavaScript is a paid language that comes with a recognized certification system. Knowledge of JavaScript allows you to have a recognized qualification, which simply isn’t available through PHP.

Rebuilding and Customizing

Rebuilding and customization are two fundamentals that either makes a language terrible or great to use. The edge for this clearly goes to PHP. It’s a slightly simpler language and the open source nature of it gives users more choice in what they can do with that language.

The CEO of Comiconverse revealed, “We prefer to use PHP for our website so we can easily make the changes we want. JavaScript is a useful language, but the added customization means we mainly work with PHP developers.”

Take note that PHP only has a slight advantage in this category. JavaScript can still be used to both rebuild and customize according to your needs, even if it’s not as efficient as its PHP counterpart.

Two Different Things

Some programmers would argue that it isn’t fair to compare the two because they do have different uses. PHP is a server-side scripting language. JavaScript is more of a general-purpose language, so it can be used both on the desktop and on the server-side. This gives JavaScript additional uses for the programmer.

Conclusion – Should You Use One Language or the Other?

The language you learn really depends on the clients you work for and what you’ll be using it for. Ideally, you should have knowledge of both. If you need to choose between the two you may want to opt for PHP due to its open source nature. You’ll be able to access more support options and you’ll find it easy to shape the language according to your needs.

Which language do you prefer?

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