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Javeleon 2.0 Beta Released: Drastically Improved Runtime Performance

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After our presentation at JavaOne, we've done significant performance engineering to reduce the runtime overhead of Javeleon.

We are quite proud to say that the runtime overhead is now lower than it's ever been. In fact, we have brought the hefty average overhead of about 275% in release 1.5, down to about 15% in release 2.0 beta.

The runtime overhead was measured using the SPECjvm2008 test suite and is shown in the figure below:

As the figure furthermore shows, the runtime overhead of Javeleon is now comparable to the industry standard tool JRebel (www.zeroturnaround.com). We feel that the test results are amazing, given that Javeleon is much more powerful than JRebel in terms of supported code changes.

About Javeleon

Javeleon is a free tool for dynamic updating, which boosts productivity by letting you see code changes in your running application immediately, without losing any of the application state. Javeleon is currently available for standalone Java applications, as well as for NetBeans Platform applications. The integration with the NetBeans Platform support includes complex updates to both code and metadata for NetBeans modules.

For further details please refer to the following:


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