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JaxView and Apache jUDDI Integration

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With so much complexity in current service oriented architectures and cloud environments, management and visibility is the key to successful operations.  Tools that provide web services governance are becoming increasingly popular to manage complex architectures.  The contributions of the Apache jUDDI project are helping one company improve such tools.  Managed Methods, the creator of the JaxView monitoring tool, recently added a jUDDI integration to their flagship product.

jUDDI is Apache's Java implementation of the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI v3) specification for web services.  It's integration with Managed Method's JaxView is a significant enhancement that was requested by the customers themselves.  jUDDI registry integration is especially helpful to smaller companies with a limited budget for managing their SOA or cloud architecture.

                                                                 JaxView as a Service Gateway / Proxy

JaxView now provides closed loop policy publishing (security, routing, etc.) to jUDDI as WS-Policy attachments, and it provedes closed loop governance with the jUDDI registry and repository.  Service status reports and enforcement results can be attached to the jUDDI service asset.  SLA policies can be modified by pushing them down to JaxView from jUDDI or pushing modified SLA policies into jUDDI.  The integration also allows JaxView to read new policies from the jUDDI repository and automatically enforce them at runtime.

jUDDI is built on JAXB, JAX-WS, and JPA standards.  The UDDI is a major component of web architectures that allows organizations and applications to quickly find and use web services.  UDDI also supports the maintenance of operational registries.  JaxView adds more capabilities with jUDDI and other governance solutions including IBM, Oracle, and Software AG. 

JaxView includes tools for monitoring and managing standards-based (SOAP) and REST web services.  It enables proxy, patent pending agent-less, and agent based deployments for managing cloud or SOA environments.  JaxView is built on a thin-client, server-based application architecture that is accessible through a web browser.

An evaluation version of JaxView is available on Managed Methods' site.

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