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JBoss AS 6 Releasing Early and Often

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Another milestone of JBoss Application Server 6.0 is ready for download today in preparation for the candidate release, which is expected in mid-November, and the final, which JBoss hopes will be ready by year's end.  The new release is milestone 5, which currently offers stability updates as JBoss moves toward the candidate release.  

Before downloading milestone 5 you should be aware of the new component upgrades, which include:

  • JBoss WS CXF 3.4.0.Beta2
  • Hibernate 3.5.5-Final
  • WELD 1.1.0.Beta1

The milestone needs these updates in order to work.

Two feature requests have been added in this release.  The first migrates Google Guava from google-collections.  The second new feature adds remote business interfaces support to the EJB descriptor.  The MC libraries have also been upgraded and the new EJB3 AS6 dependency chain has been added to the build.  Finally, M5 comes with a number of bugfixes and documentation additions.

An executive summary shows community members exactly which release goals should be completed in order to deliver the first candidate release of JBoss 6:

    •    EE 6 Web Profile Certification
    •    EJB 3.1:
  •     Async
  •     Embedded
  •     JNDI
  •     EE Injection
    •    EE6 Multi-namespace Injection
    •    Replace JBCache with Infinispan

The only thing listed under 'Current Blocking Issues' is the design of JBoss injection.  You can read more about this issue here

The first milestone release of JBoss AS 6.0 was on December 2nd, 2009.  By this December, JBoss AS 6 should include many of the new features that were added to Java EE last year with the release of EE6.  There should also be plenty of time to get ready for Java EE7 since Java SE 7 won't be available until sometime in the second half of 2011.

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