JBoss Adds Delta Cloud and Teiid Tools

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JBoss Adds Delta Cloud and Teiid Tools

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JBoss Tools 3.2 milestone 2 was released today with a huge bundle of new features compared to the last milestone.  The Eclipse plugin suite now includes tools for JBoss' Delta Cloud and Teiid projects along with enhanced tooling for GWT, Hibernate, jBPM, Drools, Maven, Seam, CDI, and JBoss AS.

JBoss Application Servers now have direct support for Eclipse's Remote System Explorer (RSE).  This allows users to deploy resources to any host with a RSE filesystem (SCP, FTP, etc.)  It works for deployments to remote systems on a local network or on cloud systems.

Runtime detection has been moved into JBoss Tools itself so you no longer have to manually configure each runtime within JBoss Tools because the runtime detection is no longer in JBoss Developer Studio.  Just point to a JBoss AS, EAP, SOA-P, or EPP installation and have all the supported runtimes (Drools, Seam, etc.) automatically configured inside Eclipse.

JBoss has also added a Usage Plugin to its core features.  It collects anonymous usage statistics on how you use JBoss Tools.  This is completely voluntary.  


The Google Web Toolkit Facet feature has experimental support in JBoss Tools 3.2 M1 and it allows you to use Google's free (but not open source) GWT Eclipse tooling without manual configuration. JBoss has marked the feature as experimental because they need to convince Google to adopt this into their tooling.  Currently Google only has AppEngine-limited wizards.

Delta Cloud

This milestone includes the first public version of Delta Cloud's tooling.  This allows you to browse a Delta Cloud installation, start and stop instances, manage images, and make instances available in Eclipse Remote System Explorer.


Users can also utilize Teiid's features for federating data and querying its virtualized models in this milestone.  The addition of Teiid Designer to the plugin suite will become more integrated in future milestones.  For example, Teiid datasources will be available when using Hibernate Tools and Seam Entities generation.

Here's a shortlist of the other new features:

  • JBoss Servers View removed
  • Validation enabled for Hibernate JPA projects' console config existance
  • Hibernate platforms renamed (ex. Hibernate JPA 2.0 to Hibernate JPA(2.x)
  • Possible to export Hibernate Code Generation Config to Ant file
  • JSF 2.0 Kick start project template available
  • Designated DocBook editor added
  • JBoss ESB 4.9 supported
  • Web Service Tester view enhanced

Download the milestone here.

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