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JBoss Release Next Round Of Betas For Developer Tools

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JBoss Tools 3.2 have released their second beta today, available to download for your Eclipse 3.6 installation.  JBoss have also update the early access of JBoss Developer Studio 4. Performance has been one of the focuses for this release, as well as some tweaks around cloud deployment. Tooling for CDI has been improved with code completion, validation, refactoring and quick fixes available.

You can also sign up for the early access of the JBoss Developer Studio, which gives you a complete Eclipse IDE bundled with the JBoss Enterprise Application platform. I asked Max Rydahl Andersen for an overview of what we can expect from the new release of the developer studio product:

"JBoss Developer Studio 4 is a major new release of our IDE which is based on Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) and optionally bundles JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1. Majority of the components have been upgraded, but the highlights for 4.0 is that we now support more of Java EE 6. For example we have added support for composite components in JSF 2, we've added preview support for Richfaces 4 components and our CDI (Context Dependency Injection) tooling provides validation of all the rules found in the JSR-299 specification and TCK.

This release also comes with so called "Remote System" support for our JBoss Server Adapter which makes it easy to deploy your application to servers that are available via SSH/SCP or even FTP. Combine that together with the new DeltaCloud tooling which enables to browse, start and stop virtual machines directly from within your Eclipse  environment you get a very powerful toolset.

Finally this release also incorporates BPEL support for Riftsaw and Apache ODE together with improvements in the JBoss ESB, Smooks and WebService tooling. Especially testing of Webservices is now easy with a specialized view for doing easy testing and debugging of your own or others webservices available via either 'plain' HTTP REST or SOAP methods."

The complete list of what's new in JBoss Tools is available here.


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