JCP Election Results In: Hologic Not Ratified

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JCP Election Results In: Hologic Not Ratified

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The results are in for the much talked about JCP election, and most people will be happy to hear that Hologic were not ratified. Meanwhile, congratulations are due to both Eclipse and Google, as both have been elected.

As stated in the JCP blog 

JCP members did not ratify Hologic for the SE/EE EC.  As the JCP process document prescribes, the PMO will hold an additional ratification ballot for the remaining SE/EE seat soon.


Stephen Colebourne had recently recommended members not to vote for Hologic:


Do Holigic deserve to decide the future of Java because they use an Oracle product?

Perhaps I'm being unkind. Perhaps they have a large investment in Java code. But there is clear evidence that they build everything around the Oracle E-Business suite product. That does not sound to me like an innovative or representative member of the Java community. (Surely, Google, Eclipse or Azul would have been more representative choices for the ratified seat?)

Further details on the election will be available later on. The seats are as follows: 


Ratified seats: Apache Software Foundation, Red Hat
Open Seat Election: Eclipse, Google


Ratified seats:  Research in Motion (RIM), Samsung, TOTVS
Open Seat Election: Apix, Stefano Andreani

The election of Google and Eclipse is a big win for open source.  Stefano and Apix were among Stephen Colebourne's picks for the JCP election.  More on him:

Stefano has been involved since 2004 as Expert in several EGs related to JME, with active contributions acting as member of the developers community. He is founder and CEO of a company leader in JME development, with important investments on the platform. Its aim with this nomination is to revamp JME technology and working on applying it to new businesses and markets, leveraging on the specific features compared to other embedded platforms.

It looks like two of Colebourne's choices (votes for Stefano and Apix, and a vote against Hologic) were supported among the wider JCP voting community.  Did Colebourne's choices reflect the general feelings of the wider Java community?  Or did Colebourne's blogs have a major influence on this election?  His support of Bob Lee did not result in Lee's election.


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