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JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition 2.5.0 New Features


JDataGrid 2.5.0 provides many new features:

  1. New system property to hide the splash screen.
  2. Formula package adds several new features.
  3. Polish JDataGridBean print features.
  4. Import and Export Excel XML get better, fix many bugs.
  5. Other features.

1. New system property to hide the splash screen.

JDataGridBean and JDataTableBean adds new system property to control the splash screen behavior.

System.setProperty(JDataGridBean.class.getName() + ".hideSplash", "true");

For details, please view the article “How to disable the splash screen in JDataGridBean?

2. Formula package adds several new features.

FormulaFactory adds new method, developer can create the FormulaContext for your requirements:

The article “JDataGrid formula works with the Beans Binding” provide a example using this new feature.

The CellUtils in com.zfqjava.formula change to public, the article “How to write function in JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition?” demonstrate how to use the CellUtils class.

3. JDataGridBean polish print features.

1)JDataGridBean and JDataTableBean adds the new API to control the print properties.



2)JDataGridBean adds the following API to controle the print area.

3) When Print Preview JDataGridBean and JDataTableBean can open new window when
it's not in applet, frame, or internal frame environment.

4. Import and Export Excel XML get better, fix many bugs.

1)JDataGrid xml writer cannot write the formula correctly.
2) JDataGrid support the merged cells when export to Excel xml file.
3) JDataGrid cannot process the cell's background correctly.

5. Other features.

1)CellStyle implements the Serializable interface.
2) JDataGridBean adds new API:


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