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JDK 10 Release Candidate Phase

Did someone say Java 10 RC? Check out Oracle's process proposal as Java prepares to switch to a six-month release cadence.

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Mark Reinhold's mailing list message "JDK 10 Release Candidate Phase: Process proposal" was posted today and opens with the sentence, "Per the JDK 10 schedule, we'll enter the Release Candidate Phase next week, on Thursday, 8 February." Reinhold proposes that the JDK 10 Release Candidate Phase be enacted in the same manner as the JDK 9 Release Candidate Phase and he provides a link to the (proposed) "JDK 10 Release-Candidate Phase" page. That page outlines the proposed processes associated with the JDK 10 Release Candidate Phase with a specific focus on the level of bug fixes targeted for JDK 10. The bugs are categorized as P1 through P5 and once the JDK 10 Release Candidate Phase is entered, "all P2-P5 bugs must be left to future releases" and the focus will be on fixing "all P1 bugs that are new in JDK 10 and critical to the success of the release."

At the time of this writing, the following twelve features are targeted for JDK 10 as we're about to enter the Release Candidate Phase:

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