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JDK 7 Features Updated ! Plan B has Apparently Been Approved

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I was presenting the Plan B of JDK 7 the last week and apparently, this plan has been approved. The JDK 7 Features page has been updated on the site of Oracle.So here is the (definitive?) list of features for JDK 7 :

  • JSR 292: Support for dynamically-typed languages (InvokeDynamic)
  • Languages update of the project Coin
  • Concurrency and collections updates (jsr166y)
  • ionet JSR 203: More new I/O APIs for the Java platform (NIO.2)
  • SCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol)
  • SDP (Sockets Direct Protocol)
  • Elliptic-curve cryptography (ECC)
  • client XRender pipeline for Java 2D
  • Create new platform APIs for 6u10 graphics features
  • Nimbus look-and-feel for Swing
  • Swing JLayer component

And we can also see that there is some news that we hadn't seen:

  • TLS 1.2
  • JDBC 4.1
  • Unicode 6.0
  • Locale enhancement
  • Separate user locale and user-interface locale
  • NIO.2 filesystem provider for zip/jar archives
  • Use the Windows Vista IPv6 stack when available

And after all that information, we can see the features delayed to JDK 8 :

  • JSR 294: Language and VM support for modular programming
  • JSR 308: Annotations on Java types
  • JSR TBD: Language support for collections [NEW]
  • JSR TBD: Project Lambda
  • Modularization (Project Jigsaw)
  • JSR 296: Swing application framework
  • Swing JDatePicker component

For more information and the complete list of features for the two versions of JDK, you can consult the JDK 7 Features page. There will certainly be some additional information at JavaOne this week.

From http://www.baptiste-wicht.com/2010/09/jdk-7-features-updated-plan-b-is-apparently-here

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