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JDOM 2.0 is out - is it time for a pure JDK 6+ version?

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JDOM 2.0 is out - is it time for a pure JDK 6+ version?

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A lot of us folks have been using JDOM from the old days,

 It has always been a great alternative to the traditional DOM bindings to the Java language (org.w3c.dom) because it was a lot more productive. In the old days, JDOM 1.x was adopted quite heavily by enterprise efforts. 

 JDOM even made the effort into being a JCP standard (which died the death in 2011 after 10 years of stagnation)

OK, JDOM needs some effort into becoming a standard JDK addition...

 (1) Generics - there are a lot of collections involved, and generics should solve the confusion
(2) Third party dependencies - all these are to be removed. JAXP/TRaX are the standards. In an ideal JDOM world for JDK 6+, there are no third party dependencies.

(3) XPath - going back to (2), JDOM 1 had a specific API that did not work with the new XPath API from Java.

So an API we are all using is growing up - but is it next gen?


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