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JeeConf 2013 Trip Report

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JeeConf 2013 Trip Report

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JeeConf 2013 was held in historic Kiev on May 24-25. For those of you not familiar with it, JeeConf is the most significant Java conference in the Ukraine. This was a very successful year for this nascent conference with four tracks and capacity attendance. The conference attracted a bevy of local and international speakers including Venkat Subramaniam, Yakov Fain, Talip Ozturk, Jacek Laskowski, Mohamed Taman and Sander Mak. Topics included Java SE, NoSQL, cloud, HTML5/JavaScript, Arquillian and of course Java EE :-).

It was my pleasure and privilege to give the opening talk of the conference. I presented my session on Java EE titled "JavaEE.Next(): Java EE 7, 8, and Beyond". The talk is primarily along the same lines as Arun Gupta's JavaOne 2012 technical keynote. I covered the changes in JMS 2, the Java API for WebSocket (JSR 356), the Java API for JSON Processing (JSON-P), JAX-RS 2, JPA 2.1, JTA 1.2, JSF 2.2, Java Batch, Bean Validation 1.1, Java EE Concurrency and the rest of the APIs in Java EE 7. I also briefly talked about the possible contents of Java EE 8. The talk was received well and I had some pretty good discussions afterwards. It was a full house session which is always encouraging. The slides for the talk are here:

To my delight, the JeeConf folks were very interested in my NoSQL/Java EE talk (titled "Using NoSQL with JPA, EclipseLink and Java EE"). The talk covers an interesting gap that there is surpringly little material on out there. The talk has three parts -- a birds-eye view of the NoSQL landscape, how to use NoSQL via a JPA centric facade using EclipseLink NoSQL, Hibernate OGM, DataNucleus, Kundera, Easy-Cassandra, etc and how to use NoSQL native APIs in Java EE via CDI. This talk was also very well attended and the Q & A was excellent. The slides for the talk are here:

The first demo used MongoDB, EclipseLink NoSQL and JUnit. The code for it is available on this GitHub repository:https://github.com/m-reza-rahman/jpa-nosql-demo. The second demo used MongoDB, CDI, Arquillian and JUnit. The code for it is available on this GitHub repository: https://github.com/m-reza-rahman/cdi-nosql-demo. Give me a shout if you need help getting the demos up and running. I plan to write a two-part blog using the contents of this talk, so stay tuned.

Besides presenting my talks, it was great to catch up with the likes of Venkat, Yakov, Talip, Jacek, Mohamed and Sander. In fact, I spent a bit of time playing tour guide to Talip sightseeing the usual tourist spots in Kiev including Lavra, St. Michael's Cathedral, Saint Sophia Cathedral, St. Andrew's Church, the House with Chimeras, Andriyivski Uzviz and the Golden Gate. I also got a chance to unwind and rock out with Kievites celebrating City Day to a pretty cool Russian AC/DC cover band named Easy Dizzy at the ever popular Docker's pub. It was an almost surreal experience that probably would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago in the age of the Iron Curtain (check out the pictures I took below). It's a great indication of how much Ukraine is changing and has changed already. I also got to experience a more traditional part of Ukrainians as a people with a cold, reserved façade that are in reality kind-hearted, generous hosts who think nothing of deciding to warmly befriend a lone (and probably a bit strange) foreigner for the evening.

I definitely enjoyed JeeConf/Kiev and hope to be part of the conference next year again!

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