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Jelastic App Packaging: One-Click Java Cloud Hosting for Non-Techies

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Jelastic App Packaging: One-Click Java Cloud Hosting for Non-Techies

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Jelastic Inc., the company behind the ultra scalable and interoperable Java hosting platform for Cloud applications, has announced the launch of Jelastic App Packaging. Jelastic technology automates application provisioning and configuration, benefiting ISVs, hosted service providers and users looking for app hosting. Jelastic App Packaging allows users to skip most of the steps required during manual installation: thanks to its one-click deployment option, anyone can deploy a Java app in the cloud, even if they are not tech-savvy at all!

Jelastic has already made it easy for developers to easily deploy their applications, with no code changes required. Now, Jelastic has made it easy for ISVs and hosting providers to package applications with the programmatic instructions that they used to put in How-To’s. Jelastic App Packaging makes offering, hosting or deploying an app as easy as it can possibly be. For the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and the hosting provider it is a one time process. For the end-user, it’s as easy as one-click.

Benefits for Independent Software Vendors:
Each Jelastic ISV partner places a “Get it hosted now!” button on its application’s home page. Just click on this button, provide your email address and the environment name. The automated process of creation, deployment and configuration takes about a minute. When completed, the application is ready for use.

Benefits for hosting providers:
ISVs are not the only ones that benefit enormously from this innovation--so do hosting services providers: they can now offer their customers many popular open-source Java applications without any concerns about recoding, adaptation, deployment or scaling. Just imagine the whole range of apps that will be available for effortless hosting: CMS systems, wikis, portals and many, many more. Jelastic makes things really easy!

“We are very pleased to be the first web hosting provider that offers the 1-click Jelastic App Feature. This new feature is a major step forward for your customers. It's never been easier to get a project started in a full-featured Cloud environment!“ says Timo Mankartz, Managing Director of dogado. Partner applications are available on dogado's website: http://www.dogado.de/en/virtualization/jelastic-java-cloud-hosting/jelastic-apps.html.

Benefits for end-users:
Jelastic has already made it easy for developers to easily deploy their applications, with no code changes required. But if a user wanted to deploy and run an application, they still had to create the environments that the application needed, had learn how to configure the app, most likely had to read a how-to and then still needed to get help to actually get the app running. In the best of all possible worlds, this took hours of headaches and emails with tech support. Jelastic eliminates all that work and automates the process. There is no need to read an application manual or submit support tickets to get an app up and running.

"With Jelastic’s one-click install option, it is now much simpler to provide local banking services with Cyclos," says Hugo van der Zee, General IT Manager of Cyclos STRO (Jelastic’s partner and vendor of open-source online banking software). A bank employee can deploy Cyclos in the Cloud with zero help, and it takes just a couple of mouse clicks (http://project.cyclos.org/cyclos-hosting).

Start now!
Jelastic, Inc. already works with several ISVs and more partnerships are currently being negotiated. If you would like to become a Jelastic partner and place the “Get it hosted now!” widget on your website please contact us at business@jelastic.com. Jelastic wants to make you successful.

More information about Jelastic App Packaging is available at www.jelastic.com/partners/isv

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