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Jelastic Presents New Version of Its Unique Java Hosting Platform

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Jelastic Presents New Version of Its Unique Java Hosting Platform

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Jelastic has announced the launch of version 1.8.2 of its new generation platform for Java cloud hosting ( www.jelastic.com ). Jelastic Java PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) is known for its ability to run and automatically scale any Java application without any code changes. Jelastic team has done its best to make the platform as simple and user-friendly as possible: even a complete novice can get an application running in the cloud within a few minutes.

Java cloud hosting is not a new thing: such service is offered by such giants as Google, Amazon and Cloud Foundry, and by lots of smaller providers. But all these platforms have serious drawbacks that make their usage really complicated: you should find out all the limitations of a certain platform, learn about its custom app engines, internal commands, proprietary databases, etc. Jelastic offers a fundamentally new approach to this service: no more need to learn extra things and recode your application in order to adapt to certain requirements! Jelastic is a really convenient and easy-to-deploy cloud platform that can run and scale any Java application without any code changes.

The freshly-launched Jelastic 1.8.2 is remarkable for a good number of new features and improvements. First, each user of Jelastic 1.8.2 gets full control of his own Elastic VDS (virtual dedicated server) with built-in Ajax SSH server running. The user can install his software on Elastic VDS and perform system modifications at his own discretion: for instance, it is possible to add extra non-Java components that an app may need (a mail server, a console application, a cron job scheduler, etc). Each VDS can be configured and restarted independently, not affecting the other ones on the same web hosting server. Being an IaaS element (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), this feature greatly contributes to the efficiency of Jelastic.

Second, Jelastic 1.8.2 features a Memcached node, which allows the user to make better use of the memory. Being one of the most popular in-memory databases and cache systems, Memcached alleviates database load and thus speeds up dynamic web applications.

Jelastic´s team declares that one of its top priorities is usability, and it is confirmed by a number of improvements, which facilitate the user´s work with the platform. For example, the dashboard interface of Jelastic 1.8.2 is now enhanced with a system of balloon prompts, which help the user master it quickly. Even Hello World demo application has been redesigned: it tells the user what to do next and has social network buttons.

Another important new feature of Jelastic 1.8.2 is the ability to create environments without application logic nodes. It considerably increases the platform´s flexibility: the user can create extra layers that the application might need, and it is not necessary to have an application server there.

Jelastic 1.8.2 is already available from dogado (Germany), Tsukaeru (Japan) and Rusonyx (Russia). In the nearest future it will be available from ServInt (US) and Layershift (UK). Sign up at
www.jelastic.com , choose one of these hosting providers and try Jelastic´s new features for free.


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