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Jep Java 3.4 - Math Expression Parser

Jep Java is a library for parsing and evaluating mathematical expressions. With this package you can allow your users to enter an arbitrary formula as a string, and instantly evaluate it. Jep Java supports user defined variables, constants, and functions.

For details, visit http://www.singularsys.com/jep


  • Small size (only 270KB as jar archive)
  • Fast evaluation
  • High precision using BigDecimals
  • Includes common math functions and operators
  • Supports Boolean expressions
  • Extendable and configurable architecture
  • Support for strings, vectors and complex numbers
  • Support for implicit multiplication
  • Allows declared or undeclared variables
  • Java 1.5 compatible
  • Supports Unicode characters
  • Extensive documentation
  • Includes JavaCC grammar from which the main classes are generated

Changes since 3.3:

  • Allows combined use of BigDecimals and strings
  • Improved extendibility through subclassing
  • Bug fixes
  • and much more...

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