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JetBrains Development Academy Experts @ Devoxx 2010

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JetBrains Development Academy Experts @ Devoxx 2010

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Again this year many JetBrains Academy Experts will be traveling to attend and participate in Devoxx 2010. Below is a quick overview on what you can expect.

Antonio Goncalves

Java EE 6 Tutorial. Reloaded! - University - Tuesday, November 16th from 09:30 to 12:30
"Last year, Antonio & Alexis presented Java EE 6 in a room full of admirers of this new specification (Java EE 6 was out after Devoxx, mid-december 2009). This time Antonio and Alexis are back with more advanced features on Java EE 6 which is even more powerful than they initially thought! JPA 2.0 entities, EJB 3.1 EJBs, Servlet 3.0, Bean Validation, JAX-RS, @Inject and CDI... will have no more secret for you."

The Future of Java Discussion Panel - Conference, Keynote - Friday, November 19th from 09:30 to 10:30
"The future of Java, the language, platform, eco-system, community with input from Oracle, Google, SpringSource, a JCP member, a JUG leader and functional language expert. The discussion panel will be moderated by our JavaPosse friends: Dick Wall and Joe Nuxoll and includes Joshua Bloch, Mark Reinhold, Stephen Colebourne, Antonio Goncalves, Juergen Hoeller, and Bill Venners."

Michael Hüttermann

Agile ALM in a nutshell - Quickies - Tuesday, November 16th from 13:00 to 13:15
"Agile Application Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive approach to build, configuration, release, test, integration and requirements management and delivery. Agile ALM integrates major project phases and enriches these phases with Agile strategies. In this session I will illustrate major strategies of Agile ALM. I will also provide recommendations for lightweight (mostly open source) tools that help to implement these strategies."

Hamlet D'Arcy

Groovy Code Generation - Quickies - Wednesday, November 17th from 13:15 to 13:30
"A language should have access to its own abstract syntax' John McCarthy, Father of Lisp. Well, now Groovy does! This talk is about why AST transformations are important, what you can do with them, and where the language world is headed. We'll dive into some of the useful Groovy annotations and libraries being written that harness AST transformations, such as the Spock Testing framework, GContracts for Design by Contract in Groovy, and the new Groovy 1.8 features. I am a Groovy committer and this is the area that I contribute in. There should be some really cool stuff to show off by November."

Heinz Kabutz

jpatterns.org - Annotations for Pointing out Patterns in Your Code - BOF - Monday, November 15th from 21:00 to 22:00
"In this talk, we will show why it is impossible to accurately determine the pattern based on the class structure. We then introduce a new set of annotations that we use to describe our pattern usage in our code. We end off with a case study where we annotate the famous junit framework to describe their patterns. As you will see, our jpatterns.org annotations make the patterns stand out far more clearly, making it easier for experts and novices to work on existing code."

Reflection Madness - Conference - Wednesday, November 17th from 12:00 to 13:00
"In this presentation, we will look at some advanced uses of reflection to delegate method calls automatically, to determine where we are being called from and to create new enum values dynamically for unit test purposes, including modifying the switch statements on-the-fly. We will look at how we can use the stack information to determine the class type in a static context. We will demonstrate how Externalizable allows the private state of an object to be read and then modified. Lastly we will demonstrate how we can construct new objects without calling any of the available constructors. This talk will be aimed at the advanced Java specialist who does not shy away from reflection code. Topics from the Java Specialists Newsletter and related research."

10 Years of The Java Specialists' Newsletter - BOF - Thursday, November 18th from 20:00 to 21:00
"At the end of the year 2000, while the dot-com bubble was imploding, Heinz Kabutz used his free time to start a hobby of writing advanced newsletters for Java specialists. Initially, this publication was sent to 80 of his friends and coworkers. It rapidly achieved cult status and is now read in 120 countries by more than 50,000 Java enthusiasts. To date, he has published almost 200 newsletters. In this session, Kabutz will show seven of his most popular and interesting newsletters. Topics will range from Java performance to language tricks to Java concurrency."

and straight from the JetBrains team...

Alex Shatalin & Vadim Gurov

Language-Oriented Programming in Action - Labs - Monday, November 15th from 09:30 - 12:30
"During this hands-on session, participants will be guided through a new language creation in MPS, which will help them better understand the MPS approach and learn its basic features, as well as try the recently released DSL debugger. You will be able to ask MPS developers deeply technical questions, and at the end we are planning an informal discussion about LOP in general."

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