YouTrack 3.0 — Fully Customizable Bug Tracker, Now Free For Small Teams

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YouTrack 3.0 — Fully Customizable Bug Tracker, Now Free For Small Teams

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This spring-summer time appeared to be very hot for JetBrains. And today we are happy to announce one more major release —please welcome YouTrack 3.0, a fully customizable version of our intelligent issue and bug tracker with a Free Pack now available for small teams.
YouTrack 3.0 introduces two major enhancements: customizable workflow and complete issue attributes customization. With these additions, a team can completely automate the issue life-cycle management based on its specific process needs, while still enjoying an intelligent, extremely usable and developer-oriented issue tracker.
With YouTrack 3.0, now you can:
  • Define your own workflow to automate issue life-cycle management. Watch demo.
  • Customize the set of issue attributes and their values
  • Submit issues by email
  • Automatically close or modify any related issue attributes from VCS Commit Comment
  • Access and handle your issues from your mobile device
  • Add other users to issue watchers list
  • Customize the sidebar to show only the tags and saved searches you need
  • Import existing projects from any bug tracker
  • Manage your issues and projects programmatically with the enhanced YouTrack RESTful API
  • Integrate YouTrack with TestLink, TestRail, and GitHub
Please read What’s New for more details about the new features and enhancements, Download YouTrack 3.0 Free Pack, and keep tracking with pleasure!

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