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JFreeChart 1.0.13

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JFreeChart 1.0.13

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JFree.org is pleased to announce the immediate availability of JFreeChart version 1.0.13, a popular free / open source chart library for the Java platform. This release contains a number of significant enhancements, as detailed in the release notes below.

JFreeChart 1.0.13
20 April 2009

* SPECIAL NOTICE: There will be a birds-of-a-feather session for JFreeChart *
* at this year's JavaOne conference in San Francisco. The session is *
* scheduled for 6.45pm to 7.35pm on Wednesday 3 June. *

This release contains:

- updates to the ChartPanel class to support copying charts to the clipboard,
panning and mouse-wheel zooming, and an overlay mechanism that supports
- enhancements to the auto-range calculation for axes, providing the ability
to use subranges only and also to skip hidden series;
- updates for many of the CategoryItemRenderer implementations to ensure that
they respect the 'seriesVisible' flags;
- an improvement to the TimeSeries class so that it is no longer necessary to
specify the time period type in the constructor;
- a new SamplingXYLineRenderer for improving the performance of time series
charts with large datasets;
- the XYSeries/XYSeriesCollection classes now cache the minimum and maximum
data values to improve the performance of charts with large datasets;
- entities are now created for the chart, data area and axes, allowing mouse
clicks to be detected for these regions;
- added a bar alignment factor to the XYBarRenderer class;
- a new 'errorIndicatorStroke' field for the StatisticalLineAndShapeRenderer
and XYErrorRenderer classes;
- added a new HeatMapDataset interface, DefaultHeatMapDataset implementation,
and a HeatMapUtilities class to make it easier to create heat map charts;
- there is a new flag to allow an XYDataImageAnnotation to be included in the
automatic range calculation for the axes;
- additional attributes in the XYTextAnnotation class;
- added a sampleFunction2DToSeries() method to the DatasetUtilities class;
- some changes to the ChartPanel class that help to work around a regression in
JRE 1.6.0_10 relating to drawing in XOR mode. Regarding this final point:
* the default value for the useBuffer flag has changed to true, which means
that all charts will, by default, be rendered into an off-screen image
before being displayed in the ChartPanel;
* the zoom rectangle is drawn using XOR mode *only* when the useBuffer
flag has been set to false.
For most usage, this should improve performance (but at the cost of using more
memory for each ChartPanel used in your application);

Bug Fixes:

2690293 : Problem with Javascript escape characters;
2617557 : StandardDialScale ignored tickLabelPaint;
2612649 : Stroke selection in plot property editor;
2583891 : SWTGraphics2D.fillPolygon() not implemented;
2564636 : Month constructor ignores Locale;
2502355 : ChartPanel sending multiple events;
2490803 : PeriodAxis.setRange() method doesn't take into account that the axis
displays whole periods;

In addition, a bug in the SlidingCategoryDataset class has been fixed, the
correct outline paint is now used by GradientXYBarPainter, a new method
has been added to the ImageMapUtilities class to escape special characters
in Javascript strings to avoid problems with the OverLIB and DynamicDrive
tooltips, and there are some important fixes in the LogAxis class.

This release passes 2110 JUnit tests (0 failures) on JRE 1.6.0_12.

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