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JFreeSVG 2.0

JFreeSVG 2.0 is released.  Use it to generate SVG content from Java using its fast, lightweight implementation of the Graphics2D API.  Updates in this release include:

  • added configurable text-rendering and shape-rendering properties to the SVG element;
  • observe KEY_STROKE_CONTROL rendering hints;
  • modified the font render context info to fix glyph positioning for text drawn as vector graphics;
  • write colors using rgb() rather than rgba(), and write the alpha value to separate opacity attribute (since rgba() is not strictly part of the standard yet)
  • fixed create() method so that Swing components can be rendered correctly;
  • changed the license from AGPLv3 to GPLv3.
JFreeSVG was created for use with JFreeChart and Orson Charts but is a standalone library that can be used with any Java2D/Graphics2D based code.  For samples of the output, see the main page of the JFreeSVG Javadocs.

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