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JFXBuilder 1.0 Now Available

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JFXBuilder 1.0 Now Available

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ReportMill Software, Inc., with support from Sun Microsystems, today announced the release of JFXBuilder - the first visual design application for JavaFX. JavaFX is a rich client platform for building cross-device applications and content. JFXBuilder is a desktop design and composition application for visually building JavaFX applications quickly, including the ability to:

  • Perform drawing and illustration
  • Add and edit rich text (fonts, colors, styles, wrapping, spelling, etc.)
  • Apply advanced fills (textures and gradients)
  • Apply advanced effects (shadow, reflection, emboss, glow, etc.)
  • Apply advanced transforms (rotation, scale, skew)
  • Drag and Drop images and other media
  • Drag and Drop application components
  • Apply Key-Frame based animation
  • Apply path-based animation
  • Apply Input-related behavior (Mouse-over, Mouse-down, etc.)
  • Attach to a database or XML and perform data binding
  • Design simple layouts for default JavaFX mobile devices
  • Generate JavaFX code on the fly

 This first release of JFXBuilder comes just 2 weeks after the release of JavaFX SKD 1.0. The initial release is intended as an "Educational and Promotional" release to help developers quickly become familiar with JavaFX and also give designers and hobbyists an easy path to get started as well.

"JFXBuilder is a remarkably complete design application produced in a stunningly short time. It's a perfect vehicle to get JavaFX in the hands of a broader audience", said Param Singh, senior director of Java marketing at Sun Microsystems. "This is something I can see myself using to quickly produce JavaFX content."

"The speed at which we were able to adapt our Java technology to JavaFX is a testimony to the ease and power of the new JavaFX language, and the ease at which JavaFX integrates with existing Java technology", said Jeff Martin, CEO, ReportMill. "We're very optimistic about JavaFX."


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