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JIDE Updates Popular Desktop App Framework

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JIDE Updates Popular Desktop App Framework

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JIDE Desktop Application Framework, or JDAF in short, is a platform for developing truly cross-platform desktop applications in Java. We are pleased to announce the official release of the JIDE Desktop Application Framework (JDAF), version 2.0. If you've been waiting for the kinks to iron out before jumping into JDAF, we encourage you to give it a try!

Decades of application development experience, extensive R&D into developing trends, and OS Guidelines studies have been engineered into a modern solution that will not only save significant development time and resources, but will bring order, quality and an unprecedented level of OS integration to your desktop projects.

JDAF is based on a powerful "Managed Application" technology which manages the entire application lifecycle, ensuring that you need only focus on application-specific features. JDAF provides out-of-the-box functionality such as a Model-View-Controller architecture for data/view management, unique resource bundle features, robust file handling, and 30+ application-related Actions handling single or multiple documents, editing, and window management. Additionally, with a managed UI your users will experience a native-feeling and intuative application because of our OS Guidelines-driven UI implementing standard dialogs, menus, icons and toolbars. Top it all off with printing and help integration features, and even a console application API, and you have the most powerful yet easy to use desktop application platform available.

For more information, please visit the JDAF product page or the self-guided JDAF tutorial.

NetBeans Plug-In

We are pleased to announce NetBeans users that there is now a JDAF Application Plug-in available. Simply add the http://www.jidesoft.com/netbeans/updates.xml to as a new Update Center in Tools - Plugins - Settings dialog of NetBeans and follow the steps to install JIDE JDAF Application Wizard plugin. It will be available on NetBeans plugin portal shortly. Once you installed it, you can go to the new project wizard to new a JDAF application just like the one for the JSR-296 appllication framework. If you plan to evaluate JIDE or JDAF, there are NetBeans plugins for those two as well.

Database Demo

Besides minor functionality enhancements, general stability and final API adjustments, this version includes a database application demo. It is actually a popular "Address Book Demo" from Sun. We have refactored it to use JDAF. We thought this would be a good example not only of facilitating a DB application, but of both migration and seeing how using JDAF brings a level of robustness to a plain old Java application.


We would like to thank all our early adopters for your valuable input and encouragement during this beta cycle. We have many enhancements and sister products coming, so we can all look forward to an exciting future with this product.

JIDE Software, Inc.
We make you love being a Swing developer!


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