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JIDE Charts Beta Release

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JIDE Charts Beta Release

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JIDE is pleased to announce the beta release of JIDE Charts: a new powerful and flexible charting package that can help the users of your application to understand and explore their data as well as seeing it attractively presented. It supports many different chart types including line plots, scatter plots, bar charts, pie charts and even gauges. You can see some screenshots here. As you would expect, it embraces the model-view-controller pattern and has been designed so that you can easily switch from one visual paradigm to another - like switching from a bar chart to a pie chart - with minimal coding effort. As with JTable, the model layer is defined as an interface - which allows for custom implementations when advanced functionality is required - while the default implementation saves time and is very easy to use.

JIDE Charts supports axes for the display of numerical, time-series or categorical data. The concept of a category is very powerful because a Category instance can be created from any object - they do not have to be Strings or enums. So not only can you use an axis to display qualitative values (for example cold, tepid, warm, hot) but also to differentiate between different individuals in a model-driven coding effort. Axes are defined independently, so you can plot a numerical axis against time-series values, categorical against categorical, or any combination you choose.

The visual appearance of charts is highly customizable with choice of colours, shapes and sizes or custom renderers. However, we have already designed some great looking renderers: the points of an XY plot can be rendered as shiny spheres, the bars of a bar chart can be displayed as glossy cylinders or 3d blocks; and a pie chart can be shown in a 3D style. You can easily switch on the intuitive data exploration gesture of zooming and panning with the mouse - all it takes is a single line of code. JIDE Charts supports multiple y axes and has special provision for displaying large datasets without the usual performance drawbacks. It even supports curve fitting for easily discovering the trends in data.

We are very excited about this powerful new product and, with all these features, we think you will like it too. As we continue to develop this product, we welcome your feedback to help guide us on which new features or visualisation types would be most useful. The beta release is included as part of JIDE 2.7.3 release. You just need to download the latest evaluation package or the formal release package to get it. There is a JIDE Charts Developer Guide under doc folder to get you started. There are also 22 demos with source code under examples folder to show you how to use those charts.

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