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jLynx Persistence 1.6: Persistence for Small Projects and Quick Prototypes


jLynx Persistence has just been updated to Version 1.6.0.

Designed to be simple to learn and use, this version renames the interface and implementation to the more intuitive names of DAO and DAOImpl. Also the List and JSON fetching methods were renamed.

Configuration uses a YAML file as opposed to XML. Column-field mapping was added as a configuration option.

The google project download includes a quick start web application with source code.

Version 1.6 can be downloaded at Google Code: http://code.google.com/p/jlynx-persistence-framework

How easy is it? Here we save an object to the database with 1 line of Java code...

WidgetBean w = new WidgetBean();
//save widget:
new DAOImpl(w).save();




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