Database Testing With JMeter

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Database Testing With JMeter

JMeter database testing starts with downloading a JAR file, placing it in JMeter, and then heading to the thread group. Read on for all of the details.

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We're here with a new topic: JMeter database testing. For database testing, we have downloaded a mysql-connector-java JAR file and placed it in the lib folder of JMeter. Now, we start with the thread group.


Now, we make a JDBC connection configuration.


In the JDBC connection configuration, we will define the database URL, JDBC driver class, the MySQL username and password, etc.


Now, we add a sampler for the JDBC request.


In the JDBC request, we define the query. For example, if we're running a select query, we select the select statement in Query Type.


We can see the result in the View Results Tree listener:


Also, we can see the result in the Summary Report.


That's it!

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