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jMonkeyEngine Finalist in PacktPub Open Source Awards

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jMonkeyEngine Finalist in PacktPub Open Source Awards

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A big thank you to all Java 3D game developers who nominated jMonkeyEngine.org for the annual PacktPub Open Source Awards! Our "little" project made it as a finalist into the Open Source Graphics Software category. Please vote for your favorite Open-Source Graphic Software now! If you vote before November 5, you have the chance to win a Kindle. PacktPub will announce the winning projects on November 15.

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The jMonkeyEngine is a free Java 3D game development framework -- you may remember it as featured open-source software from JavaOne a few years ago. For the upcoming jMonkeyEngine3, the new project team rewrote the framework almost from scratch. We added many requested enhancements and API improvements, and getting started is now as easy as running an installer.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out our alpha 2 release! New features include support for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO Filter), terrain (TerraMonkey), networking (SpiderMonkey), and water (um, ... SeaMonkey?) :)

When downloading the jMonkeyEngine3 SDK you will notice that it comes bundled with the jMonkeyPlatform, a tailor-made game development environment that is built on top of the NetBeans Platform. It has all Java SE development features of the NetBeans IDE, plus a few customizations that make it perfect for use with jMonkeyEngine3. Use it to run the included samples, create new game projects, drag and drop code snippets from the palette, create materials, load and preview models, arrange nodes in the 3d scene, and more:

Although we recommend using the jMonkeyPlatform, there is no lock-in. You are free to use the framework in any IDE you choose, or even on the command line. Just download the javadoc, put the JARs on the classpath, extend com.jme3.app.SimpleApplication, and you are on your way to the 3D game of your dreams.

Looking for 3D game tutorials and sample code? Bookmark the jMonkeyEngine3 wiki! Here you'll find not only download links, but also everything you need to know about installation, usage, and contributing.

Tip: Subscribe to the jMonkeyEngine feed to keep up-to-date with cool new features in upcoming development release.

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