JNBridge Introduces Java.VS

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JNBridge Introduces Java.VS

Visual Studio users rejoice! A new extension brings full Java code editing and development features to your favorite IDE.

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Thanks to Wayne Citrin, CTO at JNBridge for sharing with me the early-access program in Q4 for Java.VS, a first-of-its-kind Java extension for Visual Studio. Designed for professional and enterprise developers and teams, Java.VS provides capabilities for the full editing and development of Java code in Visual Studio, continuing the JNBridge tradition of making the incompatible, compatible.

The latest addition to the JNBridge product portfolio adds Java to the list of languages that can be developed using Visual Studio and makes one of the top IDEs available to Java developers. Java.VS supports all the Visual Studio IDE features that developers expect, including IntelliSense, auto-completion, error detection, debugging, compiling and building. It also supports Visual Studio source code control tools. Java.VS can be used to build solutions for any industry or application. Development teams currently using Visual Studio and all its Professional and Enterprise features can even use Java.VS to develop integrated software.

“For a long time, I've wanted to live a Java lifestyle inside of Visual Studio: editing, compiling, and debugging Java, right next to my C# code,” said Ted Neward, principal, Neward & Associates. “With Java.VS, JNBridge finally fills this void. I’m excited to fire up Visual Studio and start writing Java code, to demonstrate to developers of both stripes that Java.VS makes being a polyglot vastly easier inside of a single IDE.”

“Java developers have been locked out of the features and benefits of Visual Studio, one of the top IDEs on the market,” said Wayne. “With Java.VS, we provide an alternative to Java IDEs. Java.VS also provides the tools developers need to work with any language in a single IDE so they can stay with one tool and don’t have to switch based on language. This release is only the beginning. Stay tuned for several exciting new features planned for upcoming releases.”

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