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Joeffice - The First Open Source Office Suite written in Java Released.

As announced earlier, after 30 days of intense development, I'm pleased to announce the first release of Joeffice.

Joeffice is an open source (under Apache License 2.0) office suite written in Java. 
 The web sites: The characteristics:
  • Released under the Apache license
  • Works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and online thanks to Java™
  • Tab and docking windows thanks to NetBeans RPC
  • No hard-coded English (for internationalization)
  • Components: Word processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Database and Drawing
  • Supported documents: docx, xls, xslx, csv, pptx, h2.db, svg
  • Alpha 1 version, so still a lot to do and to fix (read Call for participation)
The core components:
  • Java 7 / Swing
  • The NetBeans application framework
  • Apache POI
  • H2 Database
  • Apache Batik
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