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Joget Workflow v3 Beta Released!

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Joget Workflow v3 Beta Released!

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Joget Workflow v3 marks a very significant milestone: to realize the ultimate goal of Joget Workflow being an application builder. And today, the v3 Beta is released to the open source world.

“Why limit your imagination to just process automation, when you can build an app?”

In Joget Workflow v3, the design focus is enhanced from process-centric to app-centric. We have learnt a lot in the 19 months since the public release of v1.0. Based on observing numerous implementations of Joget Workflow, we were able to gather a couple of interesting facts:

  1. Process automation is just part of the implementation use case. Most of the time, what a customer actually needs ultimately, is an application.
  2. Process automation is just part of the implementation use case. A customer also needs reports in tabular format and the ability to easily export the records.

v3 - application centric

Figure 1: Application-Centric

example of frontend application created from Joget Workflow v3

Figure 2: Example of an Application Created Codeless-ly from Joget Workflow v3

So, to differentiate Joget Workflow from other traditional BPM (Business Process Management) or workflow software, Joget Workflow v3 is packed with the following key improvements:

  1. Support for creation of an app from multiple processes
  2. Enhanced Workflow Designer to further improve user experience
  3. Revamped Form Builder to support for flexible grid layout design, complete drag-and-drop interface,and plugin-driven Form Builder elements
  4. New Datalist Builder to support for creation of tabulars report and listing tables, using drag-and-drop interface
  5. Revamped Userview Builder to support for ability of creating a frontend application by assembling forms (created from Form Builder), HTML pages, URL links, datalists (created from Datalist Builder) and processes (created from Workflow Designer), into a web app!

Form Builder

Figure 3: Powerful Form Builder

Simplicity redefined. Not a single line of programming code to be written, from designing processes to creating a complete web app!

Began from a pitiful 19 downloads in the first month of v1.0 release, Joget Workflow has been growing at an exponential rate, and within one and a half year, it has been implemented globally in numerous sectors, such as government, oil & gas, finance & investment, education, human resource, healthcare, and construction. Besides, Joget Workflow will also participate in the implementation of Open311 Center - a project accepted by Google Summer of Code 2011, led by Code for America.

Take a look at the Joget Community site, and try the v3 Beta.


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