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Join the DZone Content Team – Become a Zone Leader

Hi, I'm an editor at DZone and I'm seeking practitioners and talented writers (like you!) to join DZone's content team, part-time & remote.

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As a practicing software developer and a writer, you're unique. And that's what the Zone Leader program is all about. 

The Zone Leader Program is a DZone initiative to create a distributed, worldwide team of talented individuals who are both topic experts and excellent writers to support and facilitate original and syndicated content growth, as well as community outreach on DZone, the wider Internet, and offline.

Image titleWhat Do Zone Leaders Do?

A Zone Leader writes original content (on topics that are of interest to them) for publication on DZone and works with MVBs to syndicate great content on DZone.

Benefits include press passes (and, with approval, travel stipend) to attend tech conferences—if you're interested.

Other Zone Leaders estimate that they spend less than an hour a day on these content activities and outreach. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. Allow me introduce you to James Sugrue, CIO at Carma and long-time Zone Leader. I asked him some questions about being a Zone Leader, and you can read his responses to the right. →

Interested? If you want to learn more, let's talk! Shoot me an email, or call me at +1 919.678.0300 ext. 164. 

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