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JOnAS Server Plugin Available for NetBeans IDE

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Baptiste Mesta (baptiste DOT mesta AT gmail DOT com) recently announced to the NetBeans J2EE mailing list that a JOnAS server plugin for NetBeans is now available. He's asking for feedback. I've reproduced his announcement below: 


I'm pleased to announce the release of JOnbAS.

JOnbAS is the server plug-in allowing JOnAS ( http://jonas.ow2.org/ )to be tightly integrated within the NetBeans IDE. It frees the developer from time-consuming, manual, and highly repetitive tasks, such as deploying or undeploying an application at each iteration).

The plugin supports JOnAS 4 and JOnAS 5 (using Tomcat as web container) and works with the latest versions of NetBeans (>= 6.5).

This plugin handles deployment and undeployment of NetBeans web projects, Enterprise Java Beans and Enterprise applications as easily as pushing a button. It is also able to manage JOnAS configuration (port number, ...).

JOnbAS includes several advanced functions:

    * Java and JSP debugging
    * Generating the default JOnAS deployment descriptors
      (jonas-web.xml and jonas-ejb-jar.xml)
    * Browsing deployed WAR, EJB and EAR modules
    * Accessing WAR and Servlets web page from NetBeans
    * Re-deploy an application when a project resource is modified.
      Drastically reduce waiting time between development
      micro-iteration, improving feedback

It's available here: http://plugins.netbeans.org/PluginPortal/faces/PluginDetailPage.jsp?pluginid=21348


And also here: http://jonbas.sourceforge.net/

Any feedback will be appreciated!

Thank you.



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