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jOOQ Tip of the Day: Discover all Primary Keys

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jOOQ Tip of the Day: Discover all Primary Keys

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We’ve recently encountered this interesting use-case on the jOOQ user group. How do you discover all primary keys of your schema via the jOOQ API? There are two ways:

  • Using the generated meta data
  • Using runtime meta data

Let’s see how it works:

Using the generated meta data

This is straightforward. If you’re using Java 8, you can run the following program

    .map(t -> t.getPrimaryKey())

Whereas with Java 7 or less, you’d write

for (Table<?> t : GENERATED_SCHEMA.getTables()) {
    UniqueKey<?> key = t.getPrimaryKey();
    if (key != null)

Using runtime meta data

If you’re not using the code generator, the same can be achieved with:

   .[ same as above ]

That’s it! Another interesting use case of querying the meta information via the jOOQ API can be seen here.

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