Journey to IT Misarchy (Part Four)

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Journey to IT Misarchy (Part Four)

Robert from Big Four Consulting, a lean expert, is going to have a look into processes that have implemented a so called disruptive startup.

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Robert asked Sara, “Is there a place I could have a look into all your processes?”

“Oh yes, of course, they are all explained in our practical book!”

“What is it?”

“It’s a book we give to new employees when they arrive at the same that we give the book of value.”

Robert was very surprised, what kind of processes you give information to all employees? 

"Well," answered Sara, "Globally we inform our employees on lots of HR processes, but also about how to order her groceries to arrive at the office, or how to ask for a nanny for children for example."

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At this time Robert didn’t know at all what to do about these processes?

“Oh, and we have a special book for financial and legal services too!”

Robert thinks there is hope for him to find things to study!

"But the paper document is only given to the people concerned, for the other employees they can still access it on the shared disk."

"You mean that everyone in the company can know all the legal and financial processes?"

"Yes, of course, legally they are very good, we have them audited regularly, and we feel that we have nothing to hide between us, so everyone can have access to them!"

Robert then began to wonder what he was doing there. It was starting to do too much for him! This company wants to be based on values, but values do not make business! Why bring such a place to values if it is so that employees can take advantage of it to abuse their company?

"Aren't you afraid that an employee will abuse the knowledge he can get that way?"

Sara replied, "No, you know, we are committed to making these processes as infallible as possible. As a result, it is both the finance and legal teams that work on these processes, but also the 'stream of wisdom'. I told you about earlier with volunteer employees, and specialized consultants that we do not hesitate to pay very well, and who are always different from one audit to another, to ensure the quality of the processes."

Robert then becomes perplexed, because it is these processes that he could have reviewed, but these processes must be very good and require financial and legal expertise that he does not possess too much.

"All right, I suggest that you share with me these particular processes, which I will review with our legal and financial experts."

"All right, no worries."

Robert then wondered what the CIO was for. Everything seems to be going well without him, it seems he could take six months of vacation and it wouldn't make any difference. Robert dared to ask the question,

"Excuse me if my question is a little abrupt, but what is your CIO doing in the middle of all this?"

Sara smiled, "In fact, he takes care of the communication and the frame of values! The communication with all the meetings with investors, the media, conferences, he is in charge of it. The frame, well, he’s the one who set up the organization three years ago from now but lets the organization change as we see fit, as long as the values are respected. The life of the CIO does indeed seem not too hard... "

Robert, dazed by everything he had just heard, then proposed, "Very well, I suggest that we meet again next Monday, that I follow in their work the employees you mentioned earlier, and perhaps I will come with our experts in finance and on legal matters".

"All right, let's do it like that!"

We are looking forward to seeing you next week!

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