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JPPF 4.1

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JPPF 4.1

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JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid.

JPPF 4.1 brings node provisioning, customizable node connection starategies, dynamic connection pools, powerful configuration enhancements and much more.

What's new in JPPF 4.1

Node provisioning

Not enough nodes in your grid when the workload peaks? Start new nodes on demand wih the node provisioning facility!
- grow or shrink your JPPF grid dynamically
- accessible via API and the administration console
- see it in action with the Adaptive Grid example

Customizable node connection strategies

Define which server your nodes will connect and failover to with the connection strategy API. A built-in implementation is provided, which relies on a CSV file of server definitions and fails over to the configuration-based default when no server is available.

Client connection pools

- A new client API enables exploring and growing or shrinking client to server connections dynamically
- See it in action in the Adaptive Grid example
- Connection pools of auto-discovered servers, as well as the local executor, can now be assigned a priority
- Connection failover based on the priority of the server connections was integrated back into the core client functionality. The ClientWithFailover feature was deprecated accordingly

Powerful configuration enhancements

- Variable substitutions for property values: the syntax ${property} can be used anywhere in the configuration files
- Similarly, the ${env.VARIABLE} syntax enables environment variables substitution in configuration files
- Scripting of configuration properties: the property values can now be defined as an expression in any JSR 223-compliant dynamic script language

On-demand task resubmission

Any JPPF task can now schedule itself for re-submission.

Capture of nodes and servers console output to files

The output of the JPPF nodes and server processes can now be redirected to files, for later retrieval and analysis.

New client job queue listener API

A new client API allows client applications to receive notifications of jobs added to or removed from the job queue.

Documentation improvements

- A new section "Putting it all together" was added to the configuration guide.
- The JPPF tutorial was updated to reflect the greatest and latest functionalities

JPPF Links: Web Site - Downloads - Documentation - User forums - Issue tracker


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