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jqMobi Becomes Intel App Framework

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jqMobi Becomes Intel App Framework

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Today Intel has launched its revamp of the jqMobi framework as the "Intel App Framework".  The new HTML5 development environment is completely free to download and is focused on giving mobile developers a bunch of tools to quickly build web apps compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and even for Kindle, Nook, Facebook, and Windows 8.

App Framework is specifically designed for mobile devices that support the latest CSS3 and HTML5 features. By using the browsers built in features, we can be faster and lighter then the competition.

App Framework uses CSS3 animations, W3C selectors and native scrolling on iOS to give performance that no other framework can match.

-- Intel App Framework page on GitHub 

The framework has templates, wizards, physics engines and a bunch of things to set up an app and and test it quickly on your mobile device.  It needs Java 6 or 7 and Chrome in order to run, so prepare your system if it doesn't have those things already.

The Intel App Framework ties in with Intel's XDK which is downloadable from the Chrome web store and through a direct download.  This release is also a nice lead up to Intel's big release of Tizen mobile devices this year.  The Tizen SDK (which is all HTML5 and C++ based technology) is already out there to to tinker with.

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