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jQuery 1.5 broke my validation

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jQuery 1.5 broke my validation

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jQuery 1.5 includes a complete overhaul of the AJAX module. However, it broke the validation jQuery plugin remote calls that ValidateThis uses.

Whilst debugging it in Firebug, I noticed that a new "callback" parameter is passed to the server, which you didn't have with jQuery 1.4.4. After a bit of googling I found a comment on a mailing list that you need to include this callback in your server response.

Previously, the server side script just had to return true or false, so this worked fine:

<cfset result = "true">

With jQuery 1.5, you need to do this:

<cfset result = "true">

Hope that saves someone some head scratching!

Update: This is fixed in the jQuery plugin repo on github: 


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