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jQuery: Is It A Boon Or A Bane To The Web Design Users?

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jQuery: Is It A Boon Or A Bane To The Web Design Users?

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jQuery can simplify programming along with the JavaScript and can prove to be a blessing to all the developers and the end users. Though there are some disadvantages of using it, you can develop a website avoiding those few negative points. Now, let us discuss and find out whether it is a blessing or a curse for the developers.

According to all the design reviews -http://nywebdevelopment.com/ and studies we can well understand all the advantages of using jQuery. They are:

  • Easy Usability: Compared to JavaScript and the JavaScript libraries, jQuery is considered to be the easiest one. Including a few lines of codes, it also provides simple syntax so that the developers do not face any difficulty using them.
  • Huge Library: The library space is huge and thus it can offer various features and functionalities for better performance in the coding.
  • Plug-ins And Open Source: Various built-in plug-in are available and the open source community can also be helpful. All the scripts maintain a proper security network and the plug-ins can be downloaded within few minutes from the functionality section of the jQuery.
  • Tutorials and Documentations: The newbie and the beginners can utilize all the documentations and tutorials available in the jQuery programming.
  • Small in Size: The jQuery consumes only 83 kb file size and even 29 kb when it is zipped in the library space. Therefore, the process of downloading and caching do not require much effort as the file size is even smaller than a single picture in the web. Moreover, if the CDN (Content Delivery Network) can be used, the browser of the users can cache websites.
  • Support from Ajax: The Ajax templates can be developed through the jQuery JavaScript. The user interface will not require reloading the whole page and the actions can be performed without any obstruction.
  • Manage Cross-browser Issues: All the cross-browser issues can be easily managed by the jQuery programs. The implementation may create some issues if they are used in multiple browsers, but jQuery can handle all the issues very smoothly.
  • Powerful Syntax: The simple but powerful syntax always helps in editing the JavaScript and can provide chain actions related to it. If the jQuery can be integrated with the CSS 3rd version, the specific syntax elements can be selected from them easily.
  • Extensible Functionality: jQuery can be considered as a highly extensible programming. It allows various plug-ins and the third parties for the extension purpose. If any plug-in is not available in the jQuery library, you can always lend them from the third parties.

With all the benefits, there are some limitations of jQuery also. Now, let us go through them:

  • Limited Functionality: As the jQuery functionalities are dependent on the library, they are limited in nature. If you require more customization, the raw file of the JavaScript cannot be used for this purpose.
  • Only JavaScript File: For activating all the jQuery commands, only the JavaScript files can be used. The file size can range from 25 to 100 kb depending on the server and can be a burden for the client computer if you want to host the script on your own server.

As you now know the efficient features and the easy functionalities of this script, you can feel more comfortable using them. Well, you can easily observe that all the benefits are over weighing the limitations of the jQuery scripts. Therefore, if you are going to develop an interface, do not hesitate utilizing the jQuery JavaScript commands for your website.


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