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jQuery Multi-Use Tooltip jHelperTip 1.0

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jHelperTip is intended to be useful in many situations such as hovering tip and clickable tips. It can get data from a container, through Ajax or even the attributes of the current object.


The API and Default Values

$.fn.jHelperTip.defaults = {
trigger: "click",
topOff: 3,
leftOff: 10,
source: "container",
attrName: '',
ttC: "#jHelperTipContainer", /* tooltip Container*/
dC: "#jHelperTipDataContainer", /* data Container */
aC: "#jHelperTipAttrContainer", /* attr Container */
opacity: 1.0,
loadingImg: "ajax-loader.gif",
loadingText: "Loading...",
type: "GET", /* data can be inline or CSS selector */
//url: '',
//data: '',
autoClose: true

Explanation of the Options:

  • trigger: "click" or "hover" to trigger the tooltip
  • topOff: top offset from mouse pointer
  • leftOff: left offset from mouse pointer
  • source: can be "container", "ajax" or "attribute", container is an container in current page, ajax loads from another page, attribute will read the attribute of current object.
  • attrName: the attribute that you want to pass the data from (only works if your source is attribute)
  • ttC: tooltip container (define a container to position your tooltip and receive data from ajax), will create if container not found use "#container" and not "container"
  • dC: data container for same page container (only works if your source is container)
  • aC: attribute data container (only works if your source is attribute)
  • opacity: opacity of the tooltips
  • loadingImg: the loading image indicator in Ajax calls (only works if your source is ajax)
  • loadingText: the loading text indicator in Ajax calls (only works if your source is ajax)
  • type: "GET" or "POST" (only works if your source is ajax)
  • url: The address of the page that you are fetching from (only works if your source is ajax)
  • data: data passed to the ajax request (only works if your source is ajax)
  • autoClose: true or false, specify if explicit action is needed to close the tooltip
Special Case

jHelperTipClose : clicking on any element that has this class will make the current tooltip close



trigger: "click",
autoClose: false,
opacity: 0.9
<div>Matt is doing something <span id="test">dangerous</span></div>

<div id="tip1" style="display:none">
<div class="jHelperTipClose" style="cursor:pointer;color:#F00">click here to close</div>
<p>1. Involving or filled with danger; perilous.</p>
<p> 2. Being able or likely to do harm.</p>


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