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JQuery++ Offers Useful DOM Helpers & Special Events for JQuery 1.7+

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JQuery++ Offers Useful DOM Helpers & Special Events for JQuery 1.7+

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jQuery++ is an extremely collection of useful DOM helpers and special events for jQuery 1.7 and later. It is not a UI project like jQuery UI or jQuery Tools, instead, it is all about providing low-level utilities for things that jQuery does not support. If Underscore is jQuery’s functional-programming tie, jQuery++ can be dubbed as jQuery’s bald-spot covering toupee.  Below is are lists of DOM helpers and special events that jQuery++ provide:

DOM HELPERS - faster and easier DOM manipulation with:

  • jQuery.animate - animate using CSS animations
  • jQuery.compare - compare element document position
  • jQuery.cookie - read and write cookies
  • jQuery.dimensions - set and animate innerWidth and outerWidth
  • jQuery.formParams - serializes a form into an object
  • jQuery.range - create and manipulate text ranges
  • jQuery.selection - get and set the current text selection
  • jQuery.styles - quickly read computed styles
  • jQuery.within - get elements within an area or at a point

EVENTS - listen to special events with:

  • jQuery.event.destroyed - an element is removed from the DOM
  • jQuery.event.drag - delegatable drag events
  • jQuery.event.drop - delegatable drop events
  • jQuery.event.fastfix - faster jQuery.event.fix using ES5 getters
  • jQuery.event.hover - delegatable hover events
  • jQuery.event.key - returns a string representation of the key pressed
  • jQuery.event.pause - pause and resume event propagation
  • jQuery.event.resize - listen to a resize event on every object
  • jQuery.event.swipe - delegatable swipe events

Requirements: jQuery
Demohttp:/ / jquerypp. com
License: MIT License

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