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JRebel for NetBeans 7.2 Released, Including JRebel Remoting

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 The new JRebel for NetBeans plugin  has been released and is now available from the Plugin Manager (under the Tools menu) in NetBeans IDE. The new version is 1.3.1 and it includes a few very nice improvements. Namely:

  • JRebel Remoting comes to NetBeans
  • New Configuration Wizard helps you get set up faster
  • Improved JRebel-NetBeans integration
JRebel Remoting comes to NetBeans

The newest plugin version includes support for JRebel Remoting, which is configurable via the project view. The plugin oversees the state of the project and communicates to the JRebel agent running in the application on remote hosts in order to synchronize the files between your IDE and the running application. If any changes are detected in the project, the plugin can synchronize the files automatically or on demand, and the JRebel agent can then update the application without redeploys.

New Configuration Wizard helps you get set up faster

The Configuration Wizard that used to be a standalone application bundled with the plugin is now a part of the native NetBeans UI, accessible from the Options dialog. Via the new UI you can configure the agent, logging, select JRebel plugins and activate the license.

Improved JRebel-NetBeans integration

Finally, NetBeans 7.2 now provides an API that we can use to contribute JRebel arguments to the launcher. So whenever you launch the application, and JRebel toggle is enabled, we are able to automatically set the correct VM arguments, e.g -javaagent.

This was a long standing issue for JRebel plugin and we had to do some very interesting workarounds  in order to do the same on pre-7.2 NetBeans versions.

To all you NetBeans fans out there, let us know what you think at support@zeroturnaround.com

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