JSConf EU: Highlights (of Brendan Eich's Highlights)

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JSConf EU: Highlights (of Brendan Eich's Highlights)

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Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and Mozilla CTO, recently posted a great roundup of some important talks at October's JSConf EU. Apparently the whole conference was pretty awesome (see full set of talks), but for highlights Brendan seems like a good person to listen to.

His post is pretty long, so here the two highest lights of Brendan's highlights:

  • RiverTrail - basically similar to Brendan's earlier talk - JS to OpenCL compiler, letting JS use parallel processing (while still reading like pretty normal JS). Watch the video of Brendan's talk below, or for a faster taste of RiverTrail's effectiveness watch the tech demo here.


(If you like the creator's approach to his language, his introduction to JavaScript from JSConf 2010 is worth watching too.)

Brendan also offers an overview of the current state of ES6. Some important snippets from his discussion:

From recent es-discuss messages, I’m afraid that classes are on their way out of ES6. This seems a shame, and avoidable. In hindsight, we did not have all class advocates working in concert on the hard issues last year and earlier this year. But we also do not agree on what’s required for ES6, and some on TC39 view minimizing as future-hostile...

I agree with Erik Arvidsson that “[b]y not providing [class] syntax we are continuing to encourage a million incompatible ‘class’ libraries.” I’m with Erik: I would still like to see TC39 agree on minimal classes. But not at any cost.

Brendan also discusses some proposals for syntax (under some pleasantly whimsical names):

  •  the triangle proto-operator: <|
    (rather than __proto__)
  • the monocle-mustache operator: .{
    (like PrototypeJS's Object.extend)
  • arrow functio syntax: ->
    (like in CoffeeScript)


The full post includes a lot more technical details, plus some fun videos of the event, so check it out.


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