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July in Agile: Git Trends, Code Reviews, and Isaac Newton

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July in Agile: Git Trends, Code Reviews, and Isaac Newton

This post is a quick look at the best articles on DZone over the past month, as well as relevant jobs and publications from DZone.

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In this quick rundown, we go over the best articles and publications on DZone and elsewhere that discuss Agile processes, and look at some relevant jobs. 

The Most Agile Agile Articles on DZone: 

  1. Top 9 Git Trends - A survey of developers that shows the top 9 ways devs like to use Git for their projects. 

  2. The Myth of the Community Coder - A discussion of the state of the coder as a professional how coders can move away from becoming a commodity.

  3. The Code Review: The Most Important Developer Practice - A review of the importance of this Scrum ceremony for the growth of teamwork, learning, and knowledge transfer among dev teams. 

  4. Don't Be Average - A development coach argues that Scrum teams that look to challenge themselves while setting Spring goals will be better off in the long run, even if some Sprint goals aren't met. 

  5. How to Improve Your Skills Using Isaac Newton's Strategies - A testing expert applies Isaac Newton's approach to his work, the work of devs and testers. 

The Best From the Rest: 

  1. Knowledge Transfer in Sprints, by Scrum Alliance Blog, July 27, 2017.

  2. 7 Cs of Scrum, by Simon Soren, July 28, 2017.

  3. User Stories Don't Work for Our Team by Dave Nicolette, July 25, 2017.

Find Your Next Great Agile Gig: 

QA Analyst
Location: Raleigh, NC/San Jose, CA, USA; Seville; Remote
Experience: Act as an expert for Cloudbees products, and be able to identify when issues occur and quickly and efficiently resolve these issues.  

Developer Advocate
Location: Palo Alto, CA, United States
Experience: Experience with MongoDB, and the ability to work with Amazon AWS, Azure services, Google Cloud, as well as other cloud-based platforms. Ability to travel 30% of the time. 

Take a Deeper Dive Into Agile With Our Publications

The DZone Guide to Code Quality and Software Agility featuring articles by Johanna Rothman, Gil Zilberfield, Gerry Claps, Emil Gustafsson, Adam Tornhill, and Andy Tinkham. 

The DZone Guide to Continuous Delivery featuring articles by Anders Wallgren, Jim Bugwadia, Micro Hering, Matthew Skelton, Andrew Phillips, and Manuel Pais. 

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