July in AI: Finding Waldo, Training Bots, and Exploring the AI Ecosystem

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July in AI: Finding Waldo, Training Bots, and Exploring the AI Ecosystem

Check out the top AI articles on DZone that you should check out, the top news that happened in the world of AI, AI jobs you might be interested in, and more.

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Welcome to the first-ever edition of This Month in AI! We'll cover everything you need to know about artificial intelligence (AI) from the past month, including the top AI-related articles on DZone that you should check out, the top news that happened in the world of AI, AI jobs that you might be interested in, and more. Let's get started!

AI ArtIcles on DZone

  1. How I Used Deep Learning to Train a Chatbot to Talk Like Me (Sorta) by Adit Deshpande. See how to use a deep learning model to train a chatbot based on past social media conversations to respond to messages the way that you would. The results are pretty humorous!

  2. How AI Differs From ML by Ricky Ho. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they shouldn't be. Learn what the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning really is.

  3. Exploring the AI Ecosystem: AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning by Fred Jacquet. Artificial is not the next big thing — it's the current big thing! Make sure not to miss out with help from this introductory article.

  4. Using Machine Learning to Find Waldo by Minh Tran. You can use artificial intelligence and image recognition technology to find all of the Waldos. Here's one way of going about it!

  5. 28 Artificial Intelligence Terms You Need to Know by Sarah Davis (yours truly!). AI is a rapidly growing subject, and there's a lot of terminology related to it that you probably don't know — at least before you read this article!

By the way, if you're interested in writing a post for DZone, check out this article on DZone Writing Prompts and Hot Topics!

Aye Aye, AI

  1. DeepMind's AI is teaching itself parkour, and the results are pretty adorable, by James Vincent at The Verge, July 10, 2017.

  2. A robot that grows: New type of soft, growing robot created, by Taylor Kubota at Science Daily, July 20, 2017.

  3. Should Artificial Intelligence Be Regulated? by Anthony Aguirre, Ariel Conn, and Max Tegmark from Future of Life Institute, July 27, 2017.

Take Your BrAIn to New Places

Below are a few AI-related jobs that may pique your interest. Feel free to check them out and apply today!

Sr. Software Engineer "Machine Learning Experience: Java and Scala"
Accuro Group
Location: Raleigh, NC
Experience: 10+ years overall software development experience, including hands-on experience with Java, J2EE, Oracle, Scala, middleware, application servers, and big data ecosystems such as Hadoop and Spark.

Program Architect: Data and Analytics
Mindtree LTD
Location: Anywhere!
Experience: 15-18 years of experience designing, architecting, and implementing large scale data processing/data storage/data distribution systems; extensive experience working with large data sets with hands-on technology skills to design and build robust data and analytics solutions.

Dive Deeper Into AI

  1. The DZone Guide to Big Data: Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Explore the critical capabilities in next-generation self-service data preparation tools and dive deep into applications and languages affiliated with big data.

  2. Recommendations Using Redis. Learn how to develop a simple recommendation system with Redis, how to use commands, and how to optimize your system for real-time recommendations in production.

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